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The Matrix Makers

10 Jan

This article is divided into 11 parts .Let’s start at the first part.

The Warner Brothers Studio lot in Burbank, Calif., is frenetic on most days, but on a Thursday in early November its really humming.

The company’s box-office Bigfoot for 2002, « Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets », was set to open in eight days, and nearly every division of the studio was working furiously to get it ready.

Until 2:30 p.m. That’s when everything stopped. For the next half-hour, the boy wizard had to make way for « the Matrix ».


1) Where the Warner Brothers Studio is?

2)What did it happen at the Warner Brothers Studio in 2:30 p.m?

3)What time Matrix was a success?

4)Who is the  company’s box-office Bigfoot?

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